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Global Foundation for the Performing Arts

The mission of the Global Foundation for the Performing Arts is to provide valuable artistic, education and professional support in service of those in the performing arts, while fostering a global community and enabling cross-cultural exchange.

The Global Foundation for the Performing Arts is dedicated to supporting the performing arts particularly in the realms of classical music and ballet through education, mentorship, collaboration and constructive competition.

Performing artists, whether new or well-established, need support and encouragement to enjoy fulfilling careers. We believe mentorship, concert engagements, artistic guidance and international competitions are vital for self-discovery and cultural exchange.

Young artists deserve professional guidance from mature musicians in order to remain true to their artistic practice. The Foundation provides such advice to artists, competitions and institutions dedicated to rewarding the world’s future performers.

Current programs under our supervision include the China International Music Competition, the Global Music Education League, the inaugural Summer Palace Festival, and the Alliance International for Ballet Education, based at the Beijing Dance Academy.

Benjamin Woodroffe, President

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