Ballet Education’s Next Move – ResiliArt

Ballet Education's Next Move

Ballet Education’s Next Move – ResiliArt

Educating and inspiring the next generation of ballet dancers continues in the face of the current COVID-19 crisis.  Ballet educators are finding new ways to transfer their knowledge to young dancers using technology and safe practice measures.  Opportunities for greater international connection and resource sharing are expanding and ballet teachers are adapting quickly to the “new normal”.

The headlines about musicians and cancelled concerts have dominated the news since the onset of COVID-19, yet the plight of dancers has not received the same level of focus.  Against this backdrop, our second debate will focus on the world of dance education: the panellists represent diverse geographies and institutions, developing and rethinking teaching methods and initiatives to ensure a vibrant future for the sector.

We invite you to join us for our second ResiliArt debate hosted in partnership with the UNESCO 2005 Convention which welcomes globally renown dancers and educators around the world to take the virtual stage.  We invite our friends in the media sector to follow the debate, to hear their stories, and to magnify the voices of dancers, so far largely missing from media coverage.

In times of crisis, we need art more than ever.  People in self-isolation singing and dancing together from balconies showed us that culture and creativity give us the power to stand united.  Art is resilient.  Art makes us resilient.  The ResiliArt movement is committed to highlighting the impact of COVID 19 on the cultural sector.

A Free Public Webinar curated by the Global Foundation for the Performing Arts in partnership with the Secretariat for the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2005).

Speakers include:


Tuesday 16 June 2020

  • 07:00 New York
  • 12:00 London
  • 13:00 Paris
  • 19:00 Beijing
  • 23:00 Auckland