The Sustainable Development of Classical Music – Securing the Future of Performance

Featuring the Annual Meeting of the Global Music Education League

The Global Music Education League counts more than 70 Member Insitutions dedicated to the advancement of international knowledge.

A 2-Day Digital Conference presented by the Global Foundation for the Performing Arts in partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training & Research, this conference will welcome the Global Music Education League and its more than 70 Member Institutions for its Annual Meeting.
A vibrant and relevant classical music sector requires early preparation and education.  Performing musicians need holistic training to focus their artistic vision and to build professional development capacities vital for their careers.  This online conference will bring together the global directors of music conservatories, competitions and experts in the classical music sector committed to providing essential mentorship to secure and rethink the future of performance.
COVID-19 has greatly impacted the performing arts.  Artists, conservatoires, concert venues and competitions have altered their operations and schedules significantly.  However, this time of re-assessment has inspired new ways of sustaining the music of its performers particularly through the adoption of new technologies.  Opportunities for greater international connection are expanding and this conference seeks to find global solutions.


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16 Nov 2020 - 17 Nov 2020


EST New York
9:15 am - 11:30 am

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