Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition


Aug 10 - 29 2021


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Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition 2021

The Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition is rescheduled due to COVID-19.

Submission Channel Re-opens: 12noon, 15 December 2020 (Beijing Time)

Video Submission Deadline: 12noon, 31 January 2021 (Beijing Time)

Competition Opening: 10 August 2021
Quarter-Final Round: 11-13 August 2021
Semi-Final Round: 16-22 August 2021
Final Round: 27-29 August 2021

In light of concerns about the COVID-19 epidemic, after much deliberation, we have decided to reschedule the 2020 Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition (SISIVC) to 2021. The health and safety of the participants, jury members, staff, and audience are our highest priority, and the difficulties connected to the epidemic do not allow us to guarantee a secure competition in the previously planned timeframe. We believe it would be best to reschedule in order to ensure the competition takes place under the best possible circumstances.

Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition, the first world-class violin competition in Shanghai, was launched in 2015 and thereafter, a grand success for two consecutive editions in 2016 and 2018. Taking its name from the distinguished violinist Isaac Stern, the Competition aims to continue the legacy of Maestro’s musical spirit and carry forward the forty-year-long friendship between him and China bonded by music.

Not only did its staggering line-up of jurors and collaboration with renowned musicians contribute to the Competition’s global fame in the musical community, but also it was its uniqueness – the uncommonly large amount of repertoire and high level of difficulty and intensity, the section that featured the new commissioned Chinese work and for which the Best Chinese Work Performance Award was created, as well as the special prize Isaac Stern Human Spirit Award –  that put it under the spotlight. Alongside, through Shanghai Symphony Orchestra’s vast international network of resources and cooperation with the famous orchestras, it enables for promising contestants the prosperous careers and encourages them to embrace their artistic dreams by providing with professional opportunities including performance contracts, concert tours, album recording and introductions to world-class music agencies.

The past two editions of the Competition presented a total of more than 150 hours’ schedule with over 60 concerts. In spite of that, tickets were immediately sold out upon the opening of ticket sales. And, for the larger audience globally, all rounds of the Competition were broadcast live on the internet, setting yet another record by over ten millions of views. The Organisation Committee also ensured a diverse program for audience to enjoy a world-class competition even at home, including the daily specialist commentary, pre-performance lectures, review of each round via radio as well as interval commentary during television broadcast.

  • Application Deadline Date (year-month-day): 2021-01-31


Shanghai, China




Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition

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