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November 19 - 21, 2021


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Lucerne Festival Forward 2021

Lucerne Festival Forward 2021 – a new annual festival devoted to the sounds and ideas of our time is being launched in November. Lucerne Festival Forward offers a platform for contemporary music and gives a voice to musicians of the young generation as well as their ideas. Members of the Lucerne Festival Academy network have been instrumental in developing the programming. They are breaking new ground in order to bridge the gap between so-called “new music” and the audience. They encourage contact with listeners, experiment with unusual concert formats, focus on lesser-known voices and aesthetic positions on the creation of contemporary music, and purposely mix nationalities, generations, and genders. 

Lucerne Festival Forward begins with the idea of using the international network of the Lucerne Festival Academy as a collective mastermind. The network has grown over the years and today comprises more than 1,200 artists. This is done in several ways. The concerts are performed by ensembles from the ranks of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra (LFCO) – orchestra of excellence for the performance of new and contemporary music. Additionally, the Academy network has been asked for project proposals and has invited eighteen selected Contemporary Leaders to serve as curators to develop the Lucerne Festival Forward program through a participatory process and in close exchange with the Festival and the audience. The latter gets insights into the discussions and the planning via several public webinars.

It is therefore no coincidence that “networks” is the theme of the Lucerne Festival Forward 2021 inaugural edition. This theme not only refers to the Academy network behind the development of the program but also serves as a thread running through the concerts. It’s all about participation and forging connections, along with achieving closer communication with the audience. Which is why all of the events feature special settings.


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