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May 13 - 23 2021


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George Enescu International Competition 2021

The 2020 George Enescu International Competition, scheduled to take place between August 29 and September 20, still goes ahead, albeit in a new format with two distinct phases. The first two rounds of the Competition will be held online in September according to the initial calendar, whereas the Semifinals and Finals of all sections are rescheduled for May 2021, at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest. The general public will have access to the Opening Gala and the first two rounds exclusively online and free, while spectators who have purchased tickets and season subscriptions will receive their money back.

The decision was made by the Competition’s organizer, ARTEXIM, after deliberate discussions with the members of the juries and the Artistic Director of the Enescu Festival and Competition, Vladimir Jurowski, in the context of the escalation of pandemic worldwide, to protect the health of all participants – young musicians, artists who are jury members, general public and the organizing team.

The competition is open to musicians of all nationalities born after 1st August 1987. Competitors pay the participation fee (50 euros/work for the composition section and 100 euros for each competitors in the cello, violin or piano section) and for their travel. The Enescu Competition covers their accommodation costs.

The Competition acts as an international launching platform for future outstanding musicians, as well as for promoting George Enescu’s work among the new generation of artists worldwide. Enescu Competition is a natural addition to the George Enescu Festival, the most important international cultural event organized in Romania.

The Competition’s structure follows the example set in life by the very artist whose name it bears. It nurtures and promotes young talents from all over the world, just as the great composer used to help young musicians during his life. As the Honorary Director of the Romanian Musical Association, George Enescu made substantial donations to pay for musicians’ scholarships. In 1912 he took a tour through Romania and raised over a thousand sterling pounds – a huge amount of money at that time – to launch a national composition award.

Music, said George Enescu, goes from one heart to another. When two hearts speak to each other wordlessly, beauty comes into being, rising above the everyday struggles and gloom. Where words are silent, music finds its voice, guiding us into a life of Pure Beauty. This is why, more than being a competition in artistic virtuosity, George Enescu 2020 Competition wants to embrace beauty into our lives, as well as in the public arena, in denial and defiance of the energy invested in aggressive competitiveness elsewhere.

Further than proving their technical virtuosity, competitors’ greatest gift to the audiences is to bring Beauty into our lives and reveal its transcending, uplifting emotional power.


Bucharest, Romania



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