Global Music Education League

Global Music Education League Council

The aim of the Global Music Education League (GMEL) is to build a world-class academic community along with a platform for talent development in support of the creation, performance and research of music. The GMEL strives to foster global music education, support the establishment of music schools around the world, and facilitate the sharing and exchange of musical resources.


Furthermore, the GMEL seeks to encourage universal development and adoption of diverse musical genres and cultures and to enhance communication and collaboration among music institutions. The GMEL aims to utilize the unique power of music to promote individual well-being and eliminate misunderstanding and establish music as an ambassador for world peace.


The Global Music Education League (GMEL) is a global academic organization established in September 2017 in Beijing. Initiated by Professor Wang Liguang, President of the China Conservatory of Music, the GMEL counts more than 70 significant music institutions located in North America, Europe and Asia.


The First GMEL Chairman is Wang Liguang of the China Conservatory of Music. The First GMEL Council Members are Wang Liguang of the China Conservatory of Music; Kaarlo Hildén of the Sibelius Academy at the University of the Arts Helsinki; Anna Reid of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music; Jamal J. Rossi of the Eastman School of Music and Anne Walters Robertson of the Department of Music at the University of Chicago.